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We are working with the most determined blockchain technology pioneers, leaders and promoters of this transformational change. Our unique position allows us early access to enterprise blockchain solutions before they are available on the market and it is our aim to share it with our clients and introduce beneficial solutions.

What is BAAS?

In my first blog on BAAS I wrote last year I already explained what it is. Here follows a short resume.

BAAS is a cloud-based service that enables users to develop their own digital products by working with blockchain. It is in fact the distributed ledger equivalent of Software-as-a-Service or SAAS, the means by which businesses subscribe to and access cloud-based software.

These digital products may be smart contracts, decentralized applications (Dapps), or even other services that can work without any setup requirements of the complete blockchain-based infrastructure.

How BaaS Works

Consumers and businesses are increasingly willing to adapt to blockchain technology. However, the technical complexities and operational overhead involved in creating, configuring, and operating a blockchain and maintaining its infrastructure often act as a barrier.

BaaS offers an external service provider to set up all the necessary blockchain technology and infrastructure for a fee. Once created, the provider continues to handle the complex back-end operations for the client.
The BaaS operator typically offers support activities like bandwidth management, suitable allocation of resources, hosting requirements, and data security features. The BaaS operator frees the client to focus on the core job, the functionality of the blockchain.