Information Technology Consultancy

Cloud Technology  and migration is crucial to business success in 2021 and beyond. DevOps enables seamless interaction between users and IT systems, which helps improve efficiency, shorten the software development lifecycle, and increase time to market.

Data Analytics is key to achieving digital transformation in business today. Big and small data enables the informed decision-making, provides better insights into user preferences and behaviour patterns, helps respond to critical situations in a timely manner, saves costs and fosters business growth.

Internet of Things (IoT) with more than 80 billion connected devices out there, companies in industries like healthcare, automotive, farming, or telecom are re-building or re-thinking their business models to welcome robust IoT and connected world solutions to add new monetisation channels or improve user experience.

Service Design ensures that the product or service is developed for the group of purchasing customers and ensures the delivery of value to customers and product end-users. At GBS, our service design solutions are based on the most up to date technologies and practices.

Proof-of-Concept GBS developed a unique value proposition for startups and established businesses looking to validate their business idea, attract funding or integrate new technology. Our Startup Growth Platform is a combination of paid and complimentary value-added services to help you jump fast on the innovation bandwagon in a cost-effective manner.